Larry J. Gordon Papers 2000-2009

A collection of information of papers published by one of the Academy’s Founding Members and selected material from his professional archives. This listing includes details about the papers published during this decade.

Year Title Location Description Keywords
2009 A Visit With A Sanitarian

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CDC, Environmental Health Services Branch, Video Conference A dialogue presentation with the Environmental Health Services Branch on key ideas in the effective practice of environmental health and program management. art of environmental health, relationships, leadership, workforce, recognition, professionalism, environmental health and protection, advocacy, politics, leading change, benefits, vision
2009 Myths Can Be Hazardous to Your Practice Point Source
Colo. Env. Health Assoc.
A number of myths prevent environmental heath and protection practitioners from fully and effectively embracing the field of practice. environmental protection, environmental health, EPA, professionalism, regulations, inspectors, lobbist, health care, health services continuum, invisible
2009 Letters of Commendation – State Officials Personal files Compilation of letters of commendation 1961 – 1998 Career commendations
2008 In Change There Is Opportunity Sanitarian distribution list Change offers the opportunity to garner increased support for environmental health and protection, the most basic component of the health services continuum. Vision, leadership, marketing, change
2008 A Gathering of the Stars Sanitarian distribution list An instructive note about these outstanding practitioners: all had commenced their careers in entrance grade roles, mostly as Sanitarians. Leadership development
2008 Ever Evolving Environmental Health And Protection: Circa 1946 – 2008 Sanitarian distribution list The current situation in which the preponderance of environmental health and protection practitioners are practitioners other than environmental health and protection professionals. Leadership
2008 Letters of Commendation – Associates Personal files Compilation of letters of commendation 1965 – 2007 Career commendations
2008 Letters of Commendation – Educators Personal files Compilation of letters of commendation 1965 – 2008 Career commendations
2008 Letters of Commendation – Elected Officials Personal files Compilation of letters of commendation 1961 – 1988 Career commendations
2008 Letters of Commendation – Federal Officials Personal files Compilation of letters of commendation 1970 – 1988 Career commendations
2008 Letters of Commendation – Local Officials Personal files Compilation of letters of commendation 1971 – 2008 Career commendations
2008 Dogs Don’t Bark at Parked Cars: Leadership Midst the Din NEHA AEC Leadership Section, Tucson, AZ Presentation touching on numerous leadership issues Envisioning, performing, jeers, cheers, approval, disapproval, problems, programs, expectations, responsibilities, leadership, role models, repotting, root-bound, creates, markets, EH benefits, imagination, achievement, recognition, policy, prevention, media, goal
2008 Institutional DNA: “Aces You Can Keep” University of New Mexico Mentoring environmental health practitioners and students. Mentoring environmental health personnel
2007 Doctor of Humane Letters Citation UNM Commencement Citation accompanying the Honorary Degree Doctor of Humane Letters Visionary, leadership, commitment, great leaders, public service, published papers, mentored.
2007 Doctor of Humane Letters conferral University of New Mexico commencement ceremony Letter announcing conferral of UNM’s highest honor, the Doctor of Humane Letters. Extraordinary achievements, noteworthy contributions
2007 Embracing Environmental Health: In Whole, or by Parts? California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health 52nd Annual Conference Presentation emphasizing art aspects of the practice of environmental health, and discussing the scope of the field of practice. practice, definition, scope, mentoring, vision, leadership, benefits, competencies, political support, multiple goals, organizations, public relations, future, CCDEH
2007 Leaders in Environmental Health: Steering us into the Future Journal of Environmental Health Describes qualities and leadership achievements of 15 environmental health practitioners. Celebrity personality, public intellectual, conventional mindsets, global warming, leadership
2006 Letters supporting Doctor of Humane Letters University of New Mexico Letters from academicians, practitioners, and former Governor recommending that Gordon be awarded the Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters. Dedication, national figure, contributions, practitioner, academician, remarkable career, public service, great leader, advocacy, writer, speaker, legendary, philanthropic, extraordinary, administration, unique, preceptor, accreditation, epidemiology, dynamic, distinguished, monumental, progressive, brilliant, mentorship, dedicated
2006 Larry’s 80th Birthday Tributes Albuquerque, NM Short birthday tributes from a number of professional associates. Professional, mentor, achievements, remarkable career, inspiration, wisdom, leadership, friendship, contributions, public servant, foresight, environmental hero
2006 Adventures in Environmental Health Policy and Politics: “Examples Move the World More Than Doctrine” Environmental Health Leadership Institute, St Louis, MO Presentation describing precursors necessary to engage in important environmental health politics and policy adventure, details a number successful and unsuccessful personal policy ventures, and suggest a number of problems awaiting resolution through policy development. Comprehensive vision, demonstrated leadership, positive public relations, legislative bodies, public information, recognition, EPA, Tang ecologists, future policy considerations, marketing analysis and research, workforce enumaeraion, leadership development, embracing field of practice, prevention measures, global environmental health, food irradiation, energy measures, Council on Education for Public Health, National Environmental Health Education and Training Act, the future of environmental health
2006 The Future of Environmental Health Revisited: Past Recommendations and Future Challenges 2006 National Environmental Health Conference, Atlanta, Georgia Lists a number of past recommendations and future challenges dealing with education for environmental health professionals. Workforce, shortages, schools of public health, environmental health academic programs, Association of Schools of Public Health, PHS Bureau of Health Professions, EPA Science Advisory Board, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, Report of the Committee on the Future of Environmental Health, “Crossroads Colloquium,” marketing environmental health, leadership, policy, management planning, scientific roles, future challenges, continuing education, comprehensive vision, benefits of environmental health, workforce enumeration, comprehensive field of practice, primacy of prevention, marketing research and analysis, global environmental deterioration, land use, transportation methodologies, resource utilization, terrorism, resource consumption, organizational diversification
2005 There’s No Use In Running If You’re On The Wrong Road Environmental Health Capacity Building Workshop, Pittsburgh, PA Presentation recommending various environmental health practitioner capacity building measures. Capacity building, the art of environmental health, vision for environmental health, environmental health risk, communication measures, public relations, leadership, environmental health benefits, ecological issues, the future of environmental health, planning for environmental health, marketing environmental health
2004 Moving Forward To Be All You Can Be! Keynote Presentation – Wisconsin Environmental Health Conference The practice of environmental health is both an art and a science. My presentation today will cover a few aspects of environmental health as an art. Forward, lead and change the status quo
2004 Mounds and Memories Published on-line by Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement (EASI) Presentation summarizing some of Larry Gordon’s early years and experiences. You Can’t Go Home Again, Grapes of Wrath, teacherage, snow sled, harsh winters, smoke cellar, pot-bellied stove, family baths, three-holer, common drinking cup, trick roping, Colt 45, carrying water, Great Depression, U.S. 66, NM Boys Ranch, U.S. Navy, irrigation ditch baths, Ladd S. Gordon Waterfowl Complex
2003 Blessed Are Those Who Expect Little, For They Shall Not Be Disappointed Oregon Environmental Health Association Keynote Presentation Presentation describing current and future environmental health needs. Vision, public support, public recognition, benefits of environmental health; leadership; definition, bioterrorism role; planning for environmental health; ecological issues; the future of environmental health
2002 Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places Summary of Rocky Mt. Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership presentation “Leadership: The Road Less Traveled” Identifies productive and non-productive approaches to environmental health leadership. Environmental health leadership, environmental health priority, environmental health competence, vision for environmental health, environmental health policy, benefits of environmental health, environmental health marketing
2002 Bioterrorism Role for Environmental Health Practitioners Published in Environment and Public Health Insights Online, Winter 2002/2003 Brief presentation iterating bioterrorism preparedness and needs of the environmental health workforce. Bioterrorism training, coordination, bioterrorism threats, marketing competencies
2002 Environmental Health Administration Basics Chapter for Handbook for EH Practitioners edited by Dr. Daniel Boatright and funded by the National Center for Environmentl Health Discusses basic considerations involved in administration of EH programs. EH definition, relation to other health services; EH problems, program components, support services; ecological issues, societal benefits, EH vision, mission, goal, risk assessment, risk communication, risk management, priorities, organizational responsibility; federal, state and local agencies; program design; primacy of prevention; planning for EH; building and traveling bridges; EH competency needs; continuing education; the future of EH
2002 Introduction to the 1850 Report of the Sanitary Commission of the State of Massachusetts Published on line by Delta Omega Honorary Public Health Society An overview of the Shattuck Report, perhaps the most significant single document in the history of public health. Sanitary Survey, sanitary, conditions of perfect health, length of human life, unnecessarily impaired health and physical disability, preventable evils, atmospheric phenomena, smoke nuisance; supply of light, air, and water; drainage and sewerage; paving and cleanliness
2001 Competencies to Survive and Thrive Colorado Environmental Health Association Keynote Address Priority, multifaceted field of practice, public health practice, vision, prevention, reducing health care costs, important entitlement, risk assessment, epidemiology, ecology, economic vitality, mentoring, plan for environmental health, energy, land use, transportation, resource development, facility design, marketing, leadership, building bridges, organizational diversification, correlation
2001 Vision to Survive and Thrive Colorado Environmental Health Association Keynote presentation iterating key competencies needed by environmental health practitioners. Competencies, vision, mentoring, planning for environmental health, ecological issues, marketing, leadership, risk assessment, risk communication, risk management, building and traveling bridges, staying ahead of the curve, correlation
2001 A Vision for Environmental Health Association of Schools of Public Health Conference, Wash., DC Suggests important elements for developing and pursuing a comprehensive vision for environmental health. Environmental health entitlement, environmental health risk, environmental health epidemiology, environmental health ecological components, environmental health for economic vitality, environmental health communication, environmental health mission
2001 Recognition The Old Fashioned Way: Earning It! UNM Institute for Public Policy Emphasizes the necessity of earning recognition. Public health not a profession, public health professionals and professionals in public health, public health a field in which to practice one’s profession, professionalism through achievement and recognition rather than a piece of paper, definition of public health, public health a cause in search of an identity, health care debacle of the nineties, two major tracks of public health
2000 Two Roads Diverged undefined- , And That Has Made All The Difference Association of Schools of Public Health Conference, Wash., DC History and challenges impacting Schools of Public Health roles educating EH practitioners. Health care, basic science research, EH practitioners, school of public health roles, isolation from practice, regaining EH leadership
2000 Setting the Context – Keynote Presentation Washington, DC EH definitions, competency problems, mentoring, competency recommendations. Environmental Health and Protection, EH education, accreditation

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