Membership Criteria

The Academy invites and encourages professionally credentialed environmental health practitioners with qualities of outstanding competence and leadership to become certified as Diplomates. Certification as a Diplomate is awarded only after careful scrutiny of the applicant by a Board of his or her peers. The certification process is in itself unique. It differentiates a professional sanitarian who is registered by examination and one who is qualified under demanding standards such as academic achievement, publication, credentialing and the demonstration of leadership. Becoming a Diplomate in the Academy denotes a high standard of professionalism with marked distinction, and a record of accomplishment in the field of environmental health. It denotes professional status and gives prestige to the holders of the Diplomate certification. Since its inception, over 580 professional sanitarians have been awarded Diplomate status in the Academy. The Board issues a suitable diploma of certification to all applicants who have satisfactorily passed the prescribed examinations; who have met the prescribed standards and who have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Board their good moral character and high ethical and professional standing.

In 1999, the Academy created the certification of a Diplomate Laureate to recognize Diplomates who have demonstrated exceptional professional growth, accomplishment and leadership in the sanitarian profession. The Laureate must demonstrate longevity in the profession, in addition to meeting six additional criteria that include extraordinary accomplishments in the field of environmental health and the professional practice as a sanitarian. The Academy also awards Diplomate Emeritus certification to those Diplomates who have retired after an exceptional career and, Honorary Diplomate to those individuals who have advanced the profession and the field of public health, but are not professionally credentialled environmental health practitioners themselves.

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