Larry J. Gordon Papers - 1990-1999

A collection of information of papers published by one of the Academy’s Founding Members and selected material from his professional archives. This listing includes details about the papers published during this decade.

Year Title Location Description Keywords
1999 Larry Gordon Oral History UNM Health Sciences Library Oral History of Larry Gordon’s professional career. Albuquerque Environmental Health Dept., NM Environmental Improvement Agency, NM Scientific Laboratories, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Environment
1999 A Check List for Environmental Health Leadership Published in Environment and Public Health Insights, Vol. 3, No. 1, Spring 1999. 1, 2, 3, Underwriters Laboratories, Chicago, IL A short, still timely check list of issues environmental health leaders should address. Leadership, recognition, public policy, societal importance, organizational changes, preventive measures, news media, Year 2010 Health Objectives for the Nation, Council on Education for Public Health
1999 An Examination of the Educational Needs for Environmental Health and Protection Workshop at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Baltimore MD, published in Journal of Public Health Management Practice Authored by Nadia M.Shalauta, Thomas A. Burke, Larry J. Gordon, Barry S. Stern, and Nga L Tran – Major recommendations of a Workshop at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Baltimore MD, published in Journal of Public Health Management Practice – Results of the Crossroads Colloquium, a forum of leaders in environmental health convened to address the education needs of the workforce Core competencies, education, environmental health, public health, training
1999 From Nuclear Bombs to Food Safety: A Personal Odyssey Underwriters Laboratories Annual Meeting, and published in Journal of Public Health Policy The use and mis-use of irradiation. Nuclear testing, Trinity Site, Project Gnome, shoe-fitting fluoroscopes, Federal Waste Isolation Project, Chernobyl, food protection, beating swords into plowshares
1999 Local Boards of Health and Environmental Health National Association of Local Boards of Health Discusses the role of local boards of health in environmental health. Policy, organization, diversifying, programs, public health, environmental health, agencies
1999 The Mission May Be Hazardous To Your Health Published in Journal of Public Health Policy Agencies should have missions of public protection rather than special interest protection. Conflict-of-interest, fox-in-the-hen-house, mission, meat and poultry inspection, pesticide regulation, shellfish sanitation, milk sanitation, pure food control, public health responsibility
1998 An Aroma of Issues and Responsibilities Las Vegas, Nevada Issues identified in various HRSA Reports and the Report on the Future of Environmental Health. Scope of practice, disciplines involved, credentialing, importance, leadership, competencies, internships, continuing education
1998 The Organizational Wonderland of Environmental Health National Association of County and City Health Officials, Nashville, TN Discusses issues involved in continuing institutional diversification of environmental health responsibilities. Environmental health organizational history, President Nixon’s Advisory Commission on Government Reorganization, common definition for environmental health, societal benefits of environmental health, environmental health leadership and policy roles, need for environmental health public policy skills
1998 Environmental Health and Protection Adventures University of NM, Albuquerque Autobiography of a professional career. Sanitary Engineering and Sanitation, creating agencies and programs, developing personnel, enactment of legislation; successes, failures and recognition
1998 Environmental Health and Protection: A Primer UNM and HRSA, Rockville, MD A primer of essential environmental health terms, benefits, problems, program activities, support services. Developed by Larry Gordon and USPHS Captain Barry Stern. Environmental health and protection, environmental health and protection practitioners, risk assessment, risk communication, risk management, benefits of environmental health
1998 Public Health and the Environment: Floundering Partners Journal of Environmental Health Discusses the unfortunate oozing of emphasis from public health resulting in: 1. de-emphasis of environmental health within health departments, and 2. transfer of environmental health functions to other agencies. This has had a floundering effect on health departments and environmental health priorities. Offers considerations for the future. Organizational divorce, rocking chair environmental health, service delivery systems, workforce competency needs, two-way bridges, petrified opinion
1997 Healthy People 2010 Recommendations Letter to “Healthy People 2010″ Recommends comprehensive coverage of environmental health as the largest single component of the field of public health, and specifies areas that should be covered. Environmental health programs, surveillance, data systems, training and education, research
1997 We Cough With Forked Tongue Published in Journal of Environmental Health Compares tobacco to other toxic substances, provides data and recommends preventive measures. Illness and death, prevention, sickness treatment, feeble warnings, regulatory action, cost containment, death rate, employee productivity, environmental quality, insurance costs
1997 Weintraub Letter UNM Institute for Public Policy A response evaluating the APHA role in environmental health. American Public Health Association, Conference of Municipal Public Health Engineers, Conference of Local Environmental Health Administrators, USPHS, sanitarian, environmental health and protection, Indian Health Service, National Center for Environmental Health, Environmental Council of the States, recommended activities of NCEH
1996 Enhancing the Good, Abolishing the Bad and the Ugly NM Environmental Health Association Keynote Address, discussing a number of issues relevant to all NM environmental health and protection practitioners. Water supply, sewage disposal, food sanitation, milk supplies, typhoid fever, dysentery, chlorination, chemical pollutants, planning, public works, transportation, chambers of commerce, agriculture, energy, land use, conservation, economic development, media, citizen groups, resource development, elected officials, business, industry, continuing education, public policy, alternative solutions, risk, epidemiology, correlations, risk communication, risk assessment, fiscal impacts, prevention, vision, leadership, mentors, ethics
1996 Gordon recipient of NM Society for Public Administration Distinguished Public Administrator Award UNM Campus News Announcement of NM Society for Public Administration Distinguished Public Administrator Award. Distinguished, public administrator, past president APHA
1996 Gordon Presented with SPH Outstanding Alumni Award U. Mich. School of Public Health “Findings” Covers Gordon’s background and achievements as reason for Award. Environmental health, visiting professor, public health, published papers, awards, honors, statutes, practitioner
1996 Leading Change, or Being Left Behind Michigan Environmental Health Association Keynote presentation, history and current status and responsibilities of the sanitarian. Competencies, engineers, sanitarians, definitions, health services continuum, environmental health programs, organizations, planning, risk assessment, risk communication
1996 Public Health Practitioner Incubation Plight Journal of Public Health Policy Discusses the inattention of Schools of Public Health on developing public health practitioners, the emphasis on health care rather than public health, neglecting environmental health and protection practice, balancing research and teaching, the role of accreditation, and suggestions for improvement. Blurred mission of schools of public health, following the money trail, shortage of public health practitioners, public health is not health care, neglecting environmental health and protection, and accreditation issues
1995 The Rise and Demise of Public Health Leadership APHA, San Diego, CA EH history, changes, and future. EH scope, complexity, diversification, educational changes
1995 Keynote Presentation, NM Environment Department Keynote Presentation, NM Environment Department Discusses history of NM environmental health, history of federal environmental health, a number of environmental problems, as well as a look at the future of environmental health. Public health, environmental health and protection, risk assessment, risk communication, public support, priorities, mission, epidemiology, continuing education, laboratory services, radon, drinking water, Delaney Clause, future
1994 The Evolving Nature of Environmental Health and Protection University of Texas School of Public Health Presentation to faculty and students at the U. of TX School of Public Health describing the organizational, political status, priorities, and current and future practitioner needs occurring in the field of environmental health practice. Environmental health and protection, IOM Report on the Future of Environmental Health, scope of environmental health problems, Healthy People 2000:Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Objective for the Nation, risk and priorities, scope of environmental health organizations, ecological considerations, organizational diversification, future changes
1994 Public Health: A Blurred Vision Los Angeles, CA Public Health is not Health Care; Health Care is not Public Health. Primacy of prevention, benefits of PH, identity crisis, marketing, EH concepts, planning for EH
1994 American Society for Public Administration Award Newsletter, American Society for Public Administration Lists reasons Gordon received the 1994 award. Lifetime contributions, distinguished career, policies, air, water, wastes, food, subdivision control, SHE, drinking water, congressional testimony, publications, administration
1994 Environmental Health and Protection: Century 21 Challenges Keynote Address, California Environmental Health Association. Published in Journal of Environmental Health. Details some of the priority challenges facing environmental health practitioners in Century 21. Building and traveling bridges, defining environmental health and protection, health services continuum, organizational and programmatic diversity, mission performance, programming for priorities, risk assessment, risk communication, practitioner competencies, continuing education, primacy of prevention, creative financing, environmental policy, leadership for Century 21
1994 Public Health in an Era of Change Workshop for Senior State and Local Public Health Officials, Atlanta, GA Discusses benefits of public health, public health is not health care, superiority of public health, health services continuum, health promotion priority, environmental health and protection. Public health, health care, health promotion, environmental health and protection, risk assessment, health continuum, risk communication, prevention, health policy, practitioners, marketing, leadership
1994 Public Service: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly UNM School of Public Administration, published in “Public Administration Times,” 1994 Commencement Address, School of Public Administration. Public services responsibilities, incompetence, greed, organizational stupidity, paucity of vision and leadership, rarity of problem and program assessment, personnel need re-potting
1993 History of Environmental Health and Protection in Albuquerque and New Mexico Published in NCLEHA Newsletter, 1993 Presentation describing interesting events in the evolution of city and state environmental health and protection programs. Environmental health practice, sanitarians, sanitary engineers, chlorination, typhoid fever, sanitation, public health laboratory, milk sanitation, water supplies, sewage disposal, privies, malaria, garbage, food sanitation, rabies, diarrhea, insects, chemical pollutants, meat inspection, industrial hygiene, swimming pools, housing hygiene, subdivision control, air pollution, radiation
1993 Dear EPA Administrator Environment News Digest Letter to EPA Administrator urging policies based on sound science rather than emotion. Delaney requirement, natural carcinogens, risk assessment, risk communication, risk management, catastrophe-of-the week, environmental extremism, net societal benefit, environmental health and protection model
1993 Dear Mr. President Letter to President Clinton Admonishes that health care is not public health and public health is not health care. Defines health care and public health. Advises that health care will continue to be a runaway monster in the absence of improvements in public health services including disease prevention, health promotion, and environmental health and protection. Health care, public health, environmental health and protection
1993 Health Care Forum Panel Comments Idaho Public Health Association Discusses the important differences between public health and health care and emphasizes the superiority of public health. Public health is not health care, and health care is not public health. Identity crisis, health care debates, economic vitality, educational achievement, disease prevention, health promotion, environmental health and protection, health status, quality of life, public health
1993 Principles of Environmental Health Administration Chapter in “Environmental Health,” 2nd Ed. 1993 edited by Monroe T. Morgan Iterates many of the key principles of environmental health administration. Environmental health and protection, risk assessment, public health assessment, risk communication, risk management, diversity, benefits of environmental health, scope of environmental health, environmental health activities, environmental health support services, ecological considerations, mission of environmental health, goal of environmental health, environmental health priorities, environmental health organizations, program design, program support services, epidemiology, public information, research,date needs, fiscal support, primacy of prevention, planning for environmental health, personnel requirements, continuing education
1993 Public Health is More Important Than Health Care Idaho Public Health Association, then published in Journal of Public Health Policy Autumn 1993 Discusses the important differences between public health and health care and the superiority of public health. Public health, health care, environmental health and protection
1992 Dear Mr. HRSA Administrator Letter to the Administrator, Health Research and Services Administration Provides data and rationale to encourage environmental health representation on the Council on Linkages between Academia and Public Health Practice, and cites lack of environmental health representation in other public health efforts. Council on Linkages, environmental health and protection, public health leadership, “The Future of Public Health,” “Healthy People 2000,” “Assessment Protocol for Excellence in Public Health,” Public Health Foundation, Association of Schools of Public Health
1992 Dear Mr. Chief of Staff Chief of Staff, Office of the President Promotes the primacy of prevention including environmental health, disease prevention and health promotion as essential to control spiraling health care costs. Health services continuum, health status, prevention, health care costs, “Health People 2000,” leading causes of death, morbidity, mortality, “The Future of Public Health”
1992 Does Public Health Still Include Environmental Health and Protection? Journal of Public Health Policy, Winter, 1992 Guest Editorial discussing the fact that the organized public health establishment has effectively lost environmental health and protection due to a lack of understanding and priority; default in, or lack of leadership; and overt actions by public health leaders and organizations. nstitute of Medicine Report, environmental health priority, Healthy People 2000, APEX-PH, APHA, ASTHO, CDC, NACHO, Public Health Foundation, EPA Science Advisory Board
1992 Healthy People Continuum Institute for Public Policy, University of New Mexico Continuums for healthy people and health services genetic characteristics, economic vitality, educational achievement, quality of life, health services, environmental health and protection, disease prevention, health promotion, health care
1992 Incorporating Public Health Perspectives into Environmental Policy Editorial, NCLEHA Newsletter Measures recommended to incorporate public health perspectives into other environmental health agencies. Environmental health science and protection, air, food, water, wastes, toxics, radiation, human health, ecological balances, health standards, public health support functions, schools of public health, public policy
1992 Report of the Committee on the Future of Environmental Health Journal of Environmental Health Report detailing EH problems, needs, and recommendations. Societal importance, risk and priorities, primacy of prevention, EH agencies, scope of EH, lack of data, networking, cost containment, research, education for EH, financing, policy recommendations
1992 Teaching Health Policy and Politics in U.S. Schools of Public Health Journal of Public Health Policy, Vol. 13, No. 4, Winter 1992, by Deborah R. McFarlane and Larry J. Gordon, University of New Mexico Discusses assessment of the 24 accredited schools of public health to determine the extent of teaching health policy and politics. It was found that most public health students are not exposed to health pol­icy and politics during their graduate coursework. Institute of Medicine, Future of Public Health, political process, health policy, course offerings, prevention concepts, environmental health
1991 Educating Environmental Health and Protection Professionals: Problems, Challenges and Recommendations Executive Summary of Bureau of Health Professions Report published in Environment News Digest, Fall 1991 Recommend strategies to improve the knowledge, skills and effectiveness of the environmental health and protection workforce. Developed under contract with the Association of Schools of Public Health. Challenges, policy, managerial skills, epidemiology, risk assessment, risk communication, environmental economics, global problems, control measures, public health model, emerging issues, priorities, academic programs, networking, health services, funding, prevention, education, data, coordination, Report on the Future of Public Health, Health People 2000, Public Health Faculty/Agency Forum
1991 History of the NM Scientific Laboratory System Prepared for presentation to UNM Institute for Public Policy Summarizes the history of laboratories in NM and the creation of the NM Scientific Laboratory System. Public health laboratory, environmental laboratory, scientific laboratory system, fragmented organizations, comprehensive services, silent partner
1991 Lung Group Honors Health Official Albuquerque Journal Announcement Gordon awarded the American Lung Association of New Mexico’s Clinton P. Anderson Award for “outstanding contributions in the field of prevention and control of lung disease.” Prevention, control, lung disease
1991 Welcome Address, New Mexico Public Health Association 1987 Albuquerque, NM Recommendations to NMPHA members, speaking as Past President APHA, Past President NMPHA, and New Mexico Cabinet Secretary for Health and Environment. Pursuit of excellence, professional staffing, stability, stockholders, training, communication, program planning, performance, community involvement, prevention and promotion
1990 Reaching the Environmental Health Objectives, aka “And the Band Played On.” APHA presentation published in Journal of Public Health Policy Discusses the decreasing interest in and support of Environmental health among public health leaders. Suggests avenues for financing. Specifies environmental health omissions in the “Year 2000 Health Objectives for the Nation” and the complete disregard for EH in the 1990 PHS sponsored “Healthy People 2000″ Conference. But, “The Band Played On.” Health Objectives, “Healthy People 2000″, support for environmental health, environmental health leadership and policy, education for environmental health, environmental health organizations
1990 Who Will Manage The Environment Editorial, American Journal of Public Health Discusses the need for public health trained practitioners to manage environmental health in a spectrum of agencies. Public health, political leaders, environmental expenditures, environmental health, epidemiology, biostatistics, risk assessment, toxicology, Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, Superfund, schools of public health, The Future of Public Health, EPA, OHSA, prevention, land use, resource utilization, energy alternatives, transportation, population policy, global toxification, desertification, deforestation, ecology, governmental responsibility, national policy

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