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On Behalf of the Academy, the Credentialing Committee, in concurrence with the Chair and/or the Executive Secretary grants membership and issues certification as a Diplomate. The Credentialing Committee reviews the completed application package in accordance with the requirements of the AAS By Laws.  A membership application fee of $50.00 is required to be submitted and successful candidates will be later billed for the annual Diplomate membership fee.  Applicants must complete the following Diplomate application form that has been prescribed by the Board.


Diplomate Requirements

The full criteria for Academy membership are contained in the Diplomate Criteria.  To summarize, the applicant shall:

(a) provide evidence of good moral character and high ethical and professional reputation;

(b) possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university and provide transcripts indicating the successful completion of at least 30 semester credit hours in the physical and biological sciences;

(c) possess a masters or higher degree awarded by an accredited institution in public health, the environmental health sciences or in an area of scientific or administrative specialization related to environmental health;

(d) be legally registered as a professionally credentialled environmental health practitioner in the state in which he/she is employed, or, if no legal registration is in effect in that state, be registered in good standing as a registered sanitarian or environmental health specialist by the National Environmental Health Association;

(e) have had at least seven (7) years acceptable experience in environmental health including at least two (2) years in charge of work at or above the staff level (time spent in course time in earning degrees below the doctoral level shall not be counted in the experience requirement); 

(f) provide three (3) professional letters of reference;

(g) author a paper/article that has been published or is publishable in a journal related to environmental health; and

(h) certify his/her professional dedication to protecting and promoting the health and quality of life of mankind.


Diplomate Laureate Requirements

The Diplomate Laureate designation is open to all Diplomates who have been members of the academy for at least five years. The Diplomate Laureates shall be approved by a committee of Laureates, appointed by the Chair. In addition to the length of membership requirement, the candidate must meet the Diplomate Laureate criteria including the following requirements:

(a) twenty-five years in the environmental health profession, including time in pursuit of an advanced degree, fifteen years of which must have been as a credentialed environmental health professional; and,

(b) at least five of the following requirements:

(1) Possess an advanced degree beyond the masters level;

(2) Five or more technical publications in the field of environmental health;

(3) Possess one or more competency-based professional credentials in an environmental health and safety allied science;

(4) Hold one or more patents or copyrights relating to public or environmental health;

(5) Membership on a professional examination, licensing, or other environmental health credentialing board;

(6) Membership on a national or international advisory board or standard committee in the environmental health sciences;

(7) Hold or have held an elective office in an environmental health organization; or,

(8) Recipient of a professional state or national environmental health award.


Please complete the appropriate application below: (Electronic submission of completed PDF via email is preferred)

Diplomate Application
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Diplomate Laureate Application 
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